Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Dump: A Visual Exploration of Illegal Dumping on Public Lands in Rural America

Academic paper about rural dumping, forthcoming in Visual Sociology:

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  1. This paper was very interesting for me because I grew up in a very rural area. Growing up in an area like this I have seen many examples of illegal dumping, some instances are worse than others. For example i can remember one time where a pile of burning car engines ended up on our property. aside from my example I have learned the environmental impact of dumping.

    One of the most surprising parts of this article to me comes from p. 8 where it states: "Photographs were categorized by state, county and date of discovery and organized into distinct types of trash piles using a content analysis strategy. That is, piles with similar material were categorized together, allowing for a clearer picture to emerge of the different types of dumps that exist" It surprises me because of the fact that the items being dumped are so similar across the country. I want to try and understand why people dump the same kinds of things on public land across the country.

    -Nick Marion