Monday, November 30, 2009

The Dump: An Essay on Illegal Dumping on Public Lands

My current research project is a "visual sociology" essay on illegal dumping on public lands - you know, those annoying piles of junk, furniture, construction debris, old cars and such, that you see while hiking or biking along remote dirt roads or open spaces in public wilderness areas.

To see the slideshow and essay go HERE.

Which chart should I use?

Deciding which chart to use (click here)

Is Football Gay?

An actual transcript of a recent football game. Gay? You decide:

Commentator 1:
"My goodness, Christian Thompson absolutely layin' the wood on that play..."

Commentator 2:
"and that means your offense is clicking and that means you are extending drives!"

-SC State vs. App. St. , Nov. 27th, 2009

You Think You Know Ghetto

You Think You Know Ghetto: A paper on bias in academic testing, recently published in Teaching Sociology.

Laundra's Dissertation: Gender and Delinquency

Dissertation: Gender and Delinquency (full paper)

Freeland: Delinquency in Rural America

Link to Laundra's book: "Freeland: Delinquency in Rural America"

Laundra Link

Ken Laundra's Academic Home Page