Friday, December 4, 2009

"Three Cups of Tea" Advice for Obama

The link below is to a recent article/interview with best selling author Greg Mortenson. His opinion reflects  moderate, non-partisan perspective from someone who has been living and working among the locals. His views are expressed in this passage I pulled from the entire article that you can read using the link below...

Mortenson: I’m glad there’s been a decision made. I still think it’s very unfortunate that the shura were never consulted and I do hope that as we move forward that they will be brought to the table and that their voices will be heard. I’m going to keep insisting on that. And I also feel that it’s been a great blessing to be able to help the shura meet with some of the U.S. military generals so that their voice is at least being heard by somebody.

Key dates: The U.S. war in Afghanistan
The origins of the war, the battles, and struggle for stability
But I also really admire the fact that President Obama says he’s open to dialogue with Iran and other countries, because I really think that the real road to peace is regional and involves Iran and Russia and the whole region. I’m also a ferocious believer that ultimately, education should be our top priority, especially girls’ education. We can drop bombs and hand out condoms and build roads or put in electricity but if we don’t educate girls, nothing will change in society.

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  1. Having read and loved Mortenson's book, I agree with his statement that if girls are not educated nothing will change. Without education, the status quo remains unchallenged. Until women world-wide have sufficient education to question long-held beliefs regarding their intelligence, talents, and value, one half of humanity will continue to make what are ultimately self-serving decisions. The only difference is that it will be done quicker and in the light. This is not an improvement that matters a whit.